What to Ask in Your Ward

It’s election time again. Do you know what the growth plan is for your area? This list of questions is perfect to keep on hand for when a candidate knocks on your door. What is the anticipated growth in our area? By when? Where will that growth in population go? What investments in infrastructure are…
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The Growth Planning Gap

OurWinnipegTM was adopted as the City’s municipal development plan in 2010. It sets a number of directions and a 25 year vision for Winnipeg to become A City That Works, A Sustainable City and a city where all residents enjoy a high Quality of Life. Four supporting documents, the direction strategies, important to the implementation of the plan were subsequently adopted – Complete CommunitiesA Sustainable Winnipeg, Sustainable Transportation, and Sustainable Water and Waste.
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Plan for Growth Forum – May 3, 2018

The Urban Development Institute of Manitoba hosted the first Plan for Growth Forum, a balanced and thought-provoking session set in an environment that supports learning and relationship-building. Key stakeholders from across the industry – past and present – presented research, insights and background into the planning and development involved in the complex work of city…
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